Friday, November 05, 2010

Monkee bonus

Monkee fans and collectors who pre-ordered the new deluxe re-issue of HEAD received this little piece of sweetness inside their boxsets.  To be honest I initially viewed this bonus 45 as Rhino attempting whatever it could to create "new" Monkee product. To the contrary, this little collectible is a rare opportunity worth experiencing, whatever space your head is in.

If any Monkees track deserves to be heard as an instrumental, it's "Porpoise Song".  In its original form with vocals by Monkee Dolenz and Monkee Jones, the song is one of the most stunning psychedelic gems ever created (no small feat when you consider that studio technology in 1968 had only recently advanced to 8-track magnetic tape machines). This previously unissued instrumental mix provides listeners with a new glimpse into the creation of this far-too-overlooked masterpiece.


Anonymous said...

Cool. I should order that disc for the retro 45. But if you want the most modern bubblegumish song so far
of the past two years it would be this great tune. Don't judge the vocals that is, think Bowie and glam rockers minus the makeup. Here's the u2tube video. This is a real overlooked gem because of whose singing.

Anonymous said...

Actually, since you're a music aficionado you must know these tunes.
To know them is to be aligned forever to bubblegum:) LOL
Most of all they're an important reflectance of pop culture:)))))

Demi Lavato's - Get Back [Love the guitar compression! She is currently in the spotlight as a result of her so called 'treatment'.]

The old adage "never judge a book by its cover" is exemplified
by this song, yet the pizzicato strings, shimmers like thick sugary syrup despite the Disney connection.

Saving Jane - SuperGirl [Cool tune.]

A retro flashback from 1987. Love the line "burn myself into your memory." Cool tune.