Thursday, November 25, 2010

On my turntable: Prefab Sprout - Jordan: The Comeback

In recent history it seems that I've been discovering/rediscovering one vintage band per year that I'll fall in love with, and then venture out on a quest to acquire their complete catalog. This year that band was Prefab Sprout. In July I found a handful of dirt cheap and lovely 12" singles by the band, and since that time I've bought most of their vinyl LPs (I still need From Langley Park to Memphis (1988)). Yesterday my heart was all a-flutter when I found Jordan: The Comeback (1990) in pure near-mint condition for $5.

There are so many gushingly positive things that I could say about this album, and I haven't even spun side 2 yet.  I love that this is the same sound of the band that created one of my favorite albums, Two Wheels Good (1985). I love that it was produced by Thomas Dolby (the "fifth Sprout").  I also love that the album has so much music on it, arranged into four apparent "movements".  I would argue that such a mass of songs should have been released as a four-sider, with one side per movement. Although 19 songs is a lot of music to cram onto one LP, the album doesn't appear to suffer, as the dynamic range of the album is actually quite nice.

Prefab Sprout released a brand new album, Let's Change The World With Music last year (North America got an indie CD release of the album just last month). To my knowledge there's no vinyl version yet but let's hope I'm wrong. If anyone reading this has heard the album I'd be interested to know your thoughts!

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