Monday, December 13, 2010

Friday Music re-issues Yes masterpiece DRAMA on 180g vinyl

The latest in Friday Music's series of 180-gram vinyl Yes reissues is the powerful and sorely disregarded Drama (1980). Trust me when I say this is super awesome news.

Following the mixed public reaction to 1978's Tormato, Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman decided they'd had enough of Yes. The band forged ahead without them by filling the new vacancies with Buggles Trevor Horn and Geoff Downes. The recorded result was a harder, yet more pop-focused album filled with hooks and the technical craftsmanship for which the band had been so rightfully recognized. Although the Drama line-up hit the road for a successful tour, they chose to call it quits in '81 (they would resurrect in '83 with another augmented line-up that included Anderson).

Despite the refusal of some Yes fans to accept Drama as a true Yes record upon its original release, both time and history have been very kind to the album.  While I've not yet heard the Friday Music reissue, I am strongly considering adding it to my collection. If any readers have heard this new "audiophile" pressing I'd love to know your opinion!

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