Saturday, December 25, 2010

On my turntable: Badly Drawn Boy - It's What I'm Thinking (part one: photographing snowflakes)

Prior to this LP's release on Black Friday, I owned one Badly Drawn Boy record, the awesome "All Possibilities" 45 (2002). After seeing this new release at the record store I sampled some tracks online and was smitten enough to go back to the store & buy the record.

Photographing Snowflakes (2010) is part one of a planned trilogy.  The music is incredibly lush, introspective, and thoughtfully moody (as opposed to broodingly moody, if that makes sense).

This is one of those rare records that made me go "wow - this is really good" the first time I heard it. I don't know enough about BDB to make any comparisons, but I can say with confidence that I love this album, and it's likely that these songs will always remind me of late fall/early winter, due to the amount of play the album has received in our home over the past few weeks.  Really beautiful stuff.

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