Sunday, January 30, 2011

38. The Muffs - Blonder and Blonder (1995)

45 years, 45 LPs, 45 days...
Blonder and Blonder (1995)
I don't remember how I learned of The Muffs. I knew that the band's drummer, Roy McDonald, used to be in the classic Redd Kross Neurotica (1987) lineup, and I knew the album art for Blonder and Blonder was groovy.  So in the spring of 1995 I was in Duluth for a conference and picked up the CD during a Best Buy break. The first listen was one of those moments when I knew I had a new favorite band.
Red f'n vinyl!

A few years later my brother and I saw The Muffs headline at the 7th St. Entry in Minneapolis (I'm pretty sure the opening bands were Chixdiggit and Groovie Ghoulies). The Muffs totally rocked the house.

Blonder and Blonder, in my opinion, remains the Muff's masterpiece, although 2004's Really Really Happy comes really really close. Just this week the band released Kaboodle, which consists of formerly released songs,  plus some b-sides and new material (no word yet on a vinyl pressing).

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