Tuesday, January 25, 2011

43. Stone Temple Pilots - Tiny Music from the Vatican Gift Shop (1996)

45 years, 45 LPs, 45 days...
Tiny Music from the Vatican Gift Shop (1996)
Tiny Music was among the first batch of new LPs I bought when I started getting back into vinyl in the mid-90's. I was not an STP fan prior to this album, and I might have never become a fan if it weren't for the LP's crunchy first single, "Big Bang Baby".  Aside from being an album packed with great tunes, Tiny Music has cover art that deserves to be 12x12. If I hadn't bought it on LP at the time, I'd be scouring eBay today trying to find it.

Some time after Tiny Music's release, it was announced that Stone Temple Pilots had earned the highly coveted slot as opening act for the 1996 KISS reunion tour, quite possibly the biggest event of the century (outside of maybe Live Aid and The Beatles on Sullivan).

But alas, the trainwreck that was Scott Weiland's addiction troubles
Boating in Red Wing MN, early summer 1996
derailed the band's tour the moment he entered rehab. After a much needed break and various side projects the band reformed and has continued to release inventive and highly charged records, including last year's self-titled release (which I highly recommend - on vinyl, of course).  

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