Monday, January 24, 2011

44. Scissor Sisters (2004)

45 years, 45 LPs, 45 days...
Scissor Sisters (2004)
I am sure I wasn't the first person to hear the "Take Your Mama Out" single and think "holy crap this sounds like vintage Elton!".  It was the real deal, not manufactured prefab posturing.

Much like The Go-Go's navigated uncharted territory in 1981 as the first breakthrough all-female band, Scissor Sisters blasted onto the music scene in 2004 as the first predominantly gay band. Their debut was a dizzying blend of pop, rock, retro funk, and disco.  In early '05 Scissor Sisters earned a Grammy for their falsetto cover of Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb".

2004: Outside the Piggy Banks Museum, Okayama Japan
Two significant events stand out for me when I think of 2004. First, Leo and I made a fantastic visit to Japan. It was my first trip abroad, and truly an incredible experience.

Second, and far less fun, was the demolition of my childhood mall Apache Plaza. While it was a mildly traumatic experience for me, I learned I was not the only one who mourned the mall's demise. By designing a memorial website for the mall (which I started in '03) I found a whole online community of folks who were seriously saddened by the loss of what used to literally be the "Center of the Community".  A couple of months before the mall closed for good my own had become Apache's "official" website. The site turned out to be the perfect outlet for me to both say goodbye to the mall and keep its memory alive online.

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