Monday, January 17, 2011

"A Fancy Box of Go-Go's"

Yes I've been doing a lot of video lately.

The Go-Go's were highly influential to me as a teen. OK I'll say it - they changed my life. I remember the night I was babysitting in 1981, watching Solid Gold, and The Go-Go's lip-synched "Our Lips Are Sealed." I remember the urgency, that I must have that record.  Unfortunately the domestic 45 had not yet hit the shops. Fortunately Minneapolis has always had great record stores, so within days of seeing the Solid Gold performance I had an import 45 (on pink vinyl) that I found at Harpo's Hot Licks. Over the years I bought every single the band issued, and took very good care of them.

So I made this little video of my Go-Go's 45's. One interesting thing about this clip is that the video you see is actually reversed--when I was shooting the vid I was taking the 45s out of the box, but what you see is the opposite.  I like the way it turned out (even though the lighting could be better).  The most prominent thing that stands out, I think, is the fact that The Go-Go's write damn catchy songs!

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