Saturday, January 08, 2011

On my turntable: Heart - Greatest Hits/Live

When Heart's Greatest Hits/Live (1980) first came out I thought it was a double live album. Not being a fan of live albums in general (unless I saw the actual tour) I was always quick to dismiss it, until I took a chance on this clean used copy a few years ago for $2. Turned out only one of the LPs is live, while the other is one of the most solid hit-after-hit records ever assembled.

For those of you were weren't alive at the time (or who lived in a cave where transistor radios didn't get good reception) there was a period between 1976-80 when the recipe for summer included at least one kickass Heart hit blaring from the airwaves. The string of hits began in the summer of '76 with"Magic Man", which I recall hearing every time I got my roller boogie on at Disco Skate. I played my personal copy of the 45 (on the cool Mushroom records label) so much that the surface noise eventually became louder than the song itself.

Seriously tho, when spun back-to-back these songs are a powerhouse: "Barracuda", "Crazy on You", "Straight On", "Even it Up", "Magic Man", "Heartless".  After finally buying this album I started venturing out to others in the band's catalog, and have since developed considerable affection for LPs such as Dreamboat Annie (1976) and Dog and Butterfly (1978).  Heart released a new CD last fall called Red Velvet Car (2010), and while there remains no confirmation of a vinyl version, the band did release a super cool & limited heart-shaped vinyl single (in time for summer, of course) called "WTF" that rocked pretty damn hard.


ChuckO said...

packed with so much good stuff.. ahead of its time with a full disc of big hits, and a full bonus disc of live and unreleased cuts.

ChuckO said...

also my fave Heart logo and album cover

Jeff said...

Hence why it's on your wall o'fame! :)