Saturday, January 29, 2011

On my turntable: Prince & the NPG - Diamonds and Pearls

I just got home from the record store about 30 minutes ago with this under my arm. Diamonds and Pearls (1991) has been on my want list for years. Years. I've been close to buying it on eBay but I had set a limit of $20 that I was willing to pay, which is exactly what this beauty cost. The LPs are in absolutely double-plus near-mint shape. This fills a long existing gap in my Prince collection.

Still riding out the high (record nerds you know what I'm talking about!).



ChuckO said...


I'm always watching it on ebay too, I just don't trust one coming from Italy tho. Congrats!!!!

Jeff said...

Chuck - I know, right? Most of the ones I saw on eBay had shipping that cost more than the record itself. I wish I had video of my face when I found the record at the store, because I know I was trying to act all cool, like "Hmm - Diamonds and Pearls. Interesting" - even though I was screaming like a kid at Disneyland on the inside.

I think all I need now is the Black Album and I've got all the "official" releases, although there's a counterfeit "Planet Earth" out there that I still want to get someday.

HiRize said...

My Prince vinyl collection weeps in silent shame.

jan said...

This album will always make me think of (Morgan) Freeman Beasley.