Sunday, February 27, 2011

10. Prefab Sprout - Two Wheels Good (1985)

45 years, 45 LPs, 45 days...

Here it is - the TOP 10
Two Wheels Good (1985)
Ernie November, where joy was cheap
Two Wheels Good (1985) is yet another album that I bought after reading about it in MOJO's list of "100 Greatest LPs". The album completely slipped past me when it first came out in the 80's. I bought my first used copy in 1996 at the Ernie November record store in Mankato, MN, where I was buying most of my vinyl at the time.

Mankato's ghetto Devonshire apartment complex
where my roomie & I lived a thrifty & cozy two years

The first few months of 1996 were an interesting, somewhat manic time. I had spent the latter part of 1995 emaciated from Crohn's disease (the illness had wasted my body down to less than 110 pounds). After beginning a therapy of prednisone I was able to start healing. One of the steroid's many annoying side effects was sleeplessness, so I would often head out to the 24 hour Happy Chef to study & have breakfast. Other mornings I would have coffee at home and listen to records as the sun came up. It helped me to find some peace amidst all the insanity.
The legendary MOJO
 My investment in the MOJO list led to a growing collection of classic LPs; Records by Bowie, Sly & the Family Stone, & Joni Mitchell were ones that I would likely never have sought were it not for my MOJO venture. Looking back at how sick I was, I am wicked thankful to have had these LPs as my companions during that crazy time.
Class of '96. 

Shortly after graduation I made a trip to Saranac Lake, NY (which I wrote about here). For my rental car excursions through the Adirondacks I packed a few tapes: The Byrds' Younger than Yesterday, Elvis Costello's All This Useless Beauty, and Prefab Sprout's awesome Two Wheels Good. When I hear these records today they remind me not only of the trip to NY, but also of my journey of healing during that first half of 1996. Even though it was a painful time, the music on these albums remind me that I'm a survivor, and that's a very sweet thing to remember.

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