Thursday, February 24, 2011

13. Prince & The Revolution - Parade (1986)

45 years, 45 LPs, 45 days...
Parade (1986)
"Kiss" b/w "❤ or $"
The story of Prince and the Revolution is as interesting as the music they made during their short tenure as a band. By the time of Parade, Prince was involved in multiple projects (such as directing the ill-fated film Under the Cherry Moon) , so he delegated much of the completion & sweetening of Parade's tracks to his trusted bandmates Wendy & Lisa. In the end, Parade sounds like more of a band effort than either of its predecessors, Purple Rain (1984) and Around the World in a Day (1986).

"Mountains" b/w "Alexa De Paris"
The first time I heard this album I knew it was different from anything else happening at the time. The album was daring and adventurous, using real orchestration at a time when most bands were saturating their records with synthesizers. The Revolution followed Parade with an equally adventurous album called Dream Factory which made it all the way to the mastering stage before the plug was pulled by Prince, who then proceeded to pull the plug on The Revolution. Only keyboardist Matt "Dr" Fink remained at Prince's side. Bassist Brown Mark was invited to stay, but declined in favor of a solo career. Wendy, Lisa and Bobby Z swiftly began work on Wendy & Lisa's self-titled debut album, which came out the following year.

b/w "Girls & Boys"
Parade is without a doubt my favorite Prince album.  One thing I've concluded in the 25 years since Parade's release is that we will never again experience Parade's artistic heights until Prince agrees to work with his former collaborators Wendy & Lisa.  W&L have publicly stated that they would love to join him again in the studio. Over the past few years there has been some on-stage collaboration, and W&L made some minor instrumental contributions to Prince's Planet Earth album (2007). Whether this means Prince is softening to the idea of further collaboration remains to be seen. If we have learned anything about Prince it is that he is completely unpredictable.
Junction Apts @ U of M Duluth, where I first experienced Parade

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by the way, if you love Prince and the Revolution, you should definitely hear other project called "RoxyParis". It was done with team from The Revolution. On the first track you hear Eric Leeds on the saxophone: