Wednesday, February 23, 2011

14. The Partridge Family - Sound Magazine (1972)

45 years, 45 LPs, 45 days...
Sound Magazine (1972)
1992: Jeff gets Keith's Autograph

My brother and I both pride ourselves on the loyalty we show to the bands that we like. When you are a fan of a band you do your homework: you find out what label they are on, where they are from, who plays what in the band, and how many records they've released. Once we officially identify ourselves as a "fan" we tend to stick with that artist through thick & thin. The rationale behind this is that good music is always going to be good music. If it is worth liking today it is still going to be something we'll like 20 years from now.  It's a long-term relationship.
My bro & I at evil petting zoo, 1970s
In contrast to the honest tried & true fan there is the sad wishy washy fair weather fan. In our opinion, a fair weather fan is one of earth's most despicable creatures. One of the more annoying phrases uttered by these creatures is "OMG I used to love __(insert artist name here)__."  Used to love? So what did this band do to make you suddenly stop loving them?  The logical conclusion is often that fair weather fans simply love bands because their friends love them, or because they think it's cool to like a band that's considered "hip" for whatever reason. We look down our noses at these people.
Don't wait! Join today!!

So it is with great pride today that I proclaim yet again my allegiance to the music of The Partridge Family. I loved their records as a kid, and I love them now. Why? Because they are great pop records, pure & simple.  I love the entire Partridge catalog, but Sound Magazine (1972) is undoubtedly their Sgt. Pepper. By the time of their 3rd full-length the well-oiled studio machine had perfected the "Partridge sound", and it is at its most glossy and harmonious on this LP. Sound Magazine is notable for being the first Partridge record to feature David Cassidy's natural voice, rather than the sped-up voice used on the previous two albums. Turned out this Cassidy cat could really sing.

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