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18. RamonesMania (1988)

45 years, 45 LPs, 45 days...
RamonesMania (1988)
Only 18 albums left!

The Ramones were more than a punk band, they were cultural icons. I've written about my first Ramones experience here before, so I won't repeat any of that now.

Before seeing the Ramones in '86 I had only heard two of their albums: The soundtrack for Rock 'n' Roll High School (1979), and the Phil Spector production End of the Century (1980).  The next Ramones record I bought was 1987's Halfway to Sanity, which I listened to regularly on campus via my trusty Walkman.

My first Ramones show
Multi-colored pressing, released 
on Record Store Day, 2010
In 1988 Sire Records issued what I consider to be one of the most important "best of" collections of all time: Ramones Mania. This record belongs in every music library, in my opinion, alongside the Beatles' Red & Blue albums, The Rolling Stones' Hot Rocks, and The Beach Boys' Endless Summer.
1986: post-Ramones

In '89 legendary bassist Dee Dee Ramone left his band, although he continued to contribute new songs to the group's albums. New bassist C-Jay gave the Ramones a shot in the arm, and the band surged forward until their retirement in 1996. In March 2002, after the untimely passing of Joey Ramone, the surviving Ramones attended their induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Three months later Dee Dee died of a heroin overdose.

God Bless The RAMONES...
From the Adios Amigos tour, 1996.

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