Thursday, February 17, 2011

20. The Jacksons - Triumph (1980)

45 years, 45 LPs, 45 days...
In August, 1984 I purchased Triumph (1980) at a downtown Minneapolis Musicland store, shortly before departing for my freshman year of college in Duluth, MN. I purposely waited until arriving in my new home before playing the record, as I wanted my memories of the album to be tied to my first day on campus.

My 19th birthday, 3.9.85. 
I'd not yet grown into my face.
The room where I lived in 84-85
Triumph is by far my favorite Jacksons LP. In my opinion it is their most confident, fully cohesive work as a unit. After Triumph, the record-breaking worldwide success of Michael's Thriller (1982) changed everything for the Jacksons. For me this has always been one of the tragedies of the Jacksons saga, as I've always considered the brothers' group work to be far more funky and timeless than Michael's solo work. Having said that, I understand that Michael had something to prove, which he certainly accomplished with Thriller (even with Off the Wall (1979), but the aftermath of such astronomical success turned out to be very isolating. I've often wondered how different history might have been had Thriller been a full Jacksons album, rather than a Michael solo project.
More freshman dormroom. Note the Blondie art on the wall
(right  above the Beatles poster), which I featured 
in my Blondie post earlier this week (#25).

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ChuckO said...

Your Ways is THE most underrated MJ track of all IMO. I never liked how thin this album sounds compared to the rich production of all his and their others. The new group logo for this and Live was the best ever.