Saturday, February 12, 2011

25. Blondie - Eat to the Beat (1979)

45 years, 45 LPs, 45 days...
Eat to the Beat (1979

Blondie started rocking my world on the day I bought a cassette of Parallel Lines (1978).  I liked "Heart of Glass" enough to buy the whole album, which is what got me hooked. Eat to the Beat (1979), sealed the deal.

A creation of mine from 8th grade art class.
Eat to the Beat is a pop-punk masterpiece. It was also one of the very first albums (if not the first) to be released as a full video album, with individual music videos created for each song. For a while back in the pre-MTV days it was believed that this format might actually replace the standard LP (thank goodness that didn't actually happen!).
My 1st Blondie concert.
This is about how 

close I was!
(pic found online)

"The Great
Northern Picnic"

Over the years I've seen Blondie perform four times: 8.7.82, 7.6.02, 4.26.04, and last summer on 8.21.10.  Although the '04 concert (at First Avenue in Mpls) is my favorite, the first show stands out for its own reasons. The concert was billed as "The Great Northern Picnic" and included the following lineup (in this order): Mpls band Sussman Lawrence, Duran Duran, Greg Kihn Band, Elvis Costello & The Attractions, and BLONDIE.  Blondie was on their tour called "Tracks Across America" to support the somewhat lackluster album The Hunter (1982).  Unfortunately, ticket sales for the tour were also lackluster; The band canceled their remaining tour dates and broke up.
Bootleg recording of my first Blondie show. WANT!!
(scan from
Tonight I learned that a bootleg recording of the 8.7.82 concert exists out there in the bootosphere. Let it be known that I will own this recording. Oh yes - it will be mine.  For now it's fun to at least have a set list of Blondie's performance that day. It's amazing to me that I saw them perform tracks like "Little Caesar", "Danceway", a cover of the Stones' "Start Me Up", and "Chrome", a solo track from Debbie's Koo Koo LP.


Andrew Svec said...

actually, i think "the Hunter" is underappreciated and underrated. i love "Danceway" - one of my favorite Blondie songs of all

Andrew Svec said...

oh, and "Orchid Club" is haunting...

Jeff said...

I'm totally with you on "Danceway". Love that song.