Sunday, February 06, 2011

31.The Stone Roses (1989)

45 years, 45 LPs, 45 days... 
The Stone Roses, 20th Anniversary Edition (2009)
The Stone Roses, in my opinion, is one of the strongest debut albums of all time. There is a hypnotic, almost spiritual quality to many of the tracks. To this day the album continues to rank on "Greatest LPs" lists from various music mags.  Like many bands with incredible debuts, the Roses fizzled with their sophomore LP, and sadly faded out of sight.

I searched for The Stone Roses on vinyl for a loooong time. It was easy to find on eBay, but not cheaply. There's been multiple pressings of the LP, on different shades of vinyl and in varying configurations.  I'm not sure if many (or any) of the vinyl editions include the track "Fools Gold", which was not initially part of the album (it was tacked onto later pressings of the CD after the single became a hit). Also, the song "Elephant Stone" is sadly not on the 20th Anniversary pressing, reportedly because the track was not on original UK pressings of the album.  Despite this, the 20th Anniversary pressing (shown above) is definitely worth owning. If you've never heard The Stone Roses, I encourage you to check it out as it's really one of the most extraordinary albums ever made.

Strollin' at Disneyworld, 1989
For me personally, I remember '89 as an exciting time full of self-discovery.  My eyes were opening up to new ideas and experiences at a rate unlike any time in the past. I was becoming aware of social issues, the environment, and animal rights. I was finally on track with school, and of course working at a record store really kept me on top of all of the new music that was happening (and there was a lot of great stuff that year).

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ChuckO said...

Fools Gold is my 90's top 5 and the only song I liked from this album so I just got a 12" of that. I also kinda like the extended Elephant Stone 12", funny to see that isn't on it either.