Monday, February 28, 2011

9. Tears For Fears - The Seeds of Love (1989)

45 years, 45 LPs, 45 days...
The Seeds of Love (1989)
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Prior to 1989 I was pretty anti-Tears For Fears. I had heard more of their music on the radio than I considered necessary, and would have been perfectly content to never hear them again.  Then I heard "Sowing the Seeds of Love" on the radio, and I changed my tune pretty quickly.

1989: My bedroom, N.E. Minneapolis
I remember thinking what a bold move it was for Tears For Fears to record a single so overtly Beatlesque as "Sowing the Seeds of Love".  The first time I heard it I thought "Wow - this is really good."  The rest of the album, while not as radio friendly, is stunning in its complexity. The band added a new voice to its sound palette, the lovely Oleta Adams, who is featured so much on the record that she should have been credited as an honorary band member.

Tears For Fears, circa 2004
From what I have read about the making of the album, Roland Orzabal's obsession with perfection over each detail delayed the LP's completion, which escalated tensions with bandmate Curt Smith. Smith left after Seeds of Love, and Orzabal kept TFF going for several decent albums. The duo reunited in the 2000's to record the spectacular comeback, Everybody Loves a Happy Ending (2004).

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