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7. George Harrison - All Things Must Pass (1970)

45 years, 45 LPs, 45 days...

All Things Must Pass (1970)

2000 reissue
I've written about this album before, so I'll try not to re-write older posts. One story I've not shared is the day I bought All Things Must Pass...

My first copy of All Things Must Pass still sounds great
It was a brisk day in the fall of '78 or '79 (lets go with '78). My friend Roger Warner made the trek with me to the Great American Music store in Fridley where I was buying a lot of my records at the time. On the way home we stopped at the Kmart lunch counter where I popped a balloon and got a free hot fudge sundae. So Roger & I are sitting at a booth and I peel the shrink off my new LP to get a look inside. As I'm eating I drop a big glob of fudge right on the album's front cover. I tried to wipe it off, but couldn't because the cover was a non-glossy paper slick slapped onto a box.  To this day my original copy bears the scar from me trying to scrub off the fudge.

Here's a portion of what I wrote about this great record last fall on 11/19, a week before it was re-issued in all its original glory:
When I first purchased All Things Must Pass (some 28 years ago now!) I had just begun the terror experience known as junior high school. At home my family was struggling through its own tough times, leaving me with very few spaces where I could feel physically and emotionally safe. Looking back, there were two places where I felt most at ease: my bedroom and the record store.  Dramatic as it might sound, All Things Must Pass was one of those rare albums that practically changed my life upon first spin. I've never been much of a lyrics person, but the messages of hope etched into these grooves provided healing at a time when I was in great need. Listening to this record still feels like a warm blanket, and to see it get such a thoughtful reissue makes me very happy indeed.

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