Saturday, April 23, 2011

"Snacktime with Austin"

Of our two rabbits Austin is the shy one, except when it comes to cameras.  Austin makes virtual bunny love to ze camera, baby.  I tells ya, the second he hears the word "action!" he's on cue.  For this video he graciously allowed me to shoot over three minutes of footage in one take. What a pro.

The original soundtrack to this clip was a song by legendary French chanteuse Claudine Longet, which fit so perfectly -- it gave the viewer the impression that Monsieur Austin is dining in some fancy corner bistro du Francais (ooh la la!). Unfortunately when I uploaded the clip to YouTube they disabled the sound due to copyright infringement (!). SO, for YouTube I've replaced the audio with something legal, but here is the original video as it was intended to be seen.  Bon Appétit!

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