Thursday, May 12, 2011

8:31 AM

So yesterday was the big day in Minnesota when senators voted at the Capitol to determine whether the people of the state would be allowed to vote on gay peoples' right to marry. Our very own Prop H8. I watched about 45 minutes of it in my office before I knew I had to shut it off. To their credit, some democratic senators gave some very thoughtful, compassionate and smart comments (Senators Ron Latz, John Harrington, Kathy Sheran, Patricia Torres Ray, to name a few), but they were simply outnumbered by the republican majority.

Breakfast @ The Purple Onion,
Dinkytown USA
Thanks to the skills I learned in therapy I quickly recognized my physical reaction to the discussion - it felt like I was being bullied. I took a moment to assess the situation and did what I knew was best for me in that moment, which was some short meditation followed by a bus trip to the record store! Actually, I went to the coffee shop across the street from the record store first, to use the restroom, grab some coffee and study for a while, but man oh MAN did I score some vinyl gems after that. I walked out with forty-six 45's, most of them pristine promos, and many of them stereo/mono. Total cost: around ten bucks.

The experience gave me a useful reminder about what I have control over and what is a waste of my energy. As a Crohnie, I need to manage my stress in order to remain healthy. This is something over which I have some level of control. As a queer activist I can also get involved at the local level, to help raise awareness between now and election day. What I cannot control is the actions/attitudes of others. I may be able to influence them by showing up with my husband and being my authentic (and dare I say charming & delightful) self, but I am basically powerless over the actions of others. Acceptance of this fact can be horribly frustrating but also liberating. If there's one useful thing I learned from growing up in an alcoholic home, it's the 'Serenity Prayer'.

That's all for now. I am off to have a mindful, fantastic day. Thank you for reading!

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