Friday, May 20, 2011

Beauty + Beat = 30

The 30th Anniversary edition of the Go-Go's classic debut, Beauty and the Beat (1981) was released this week in digital, CD and vinyl formats. The vinyl (shown below) is 140g and PINK.  It sounds very nice, almost audiophile quality.


Andrew Svec said...

Very cool. A true 80s classic. Har to believe it's been 30 years.

Bill Wikstom said...

I just saw The Go-Go's this past week at Westbury Theater, in Westbury, Long Island, NY. A wonderful venue and pleasantly surprisingly fantastic performance. They were selling the vinyl reissue (which I passed up, would've been my fourth copy) and tond of cool gear including a blue shirt with the B&TB album cover and dates on back. The only songs from B&TB they didn't do were "You Can't Walk in Your Sleep (If You Can't Sleep)", "Fading Fast" and "Can't Stop the World". Nor did they do the personal favorite single "Turn To You". They did however do, every other song you could have wished for including "Cool Places" and "Mad About You". If/when they hit MN, by all means go see them!

Bill Wikstom said...

Actually, just check out my whole review: