Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Cars @ First Avenue, 5.17.2011

Outside of 1st Ave prior to the show
WHAT a show. Rarely have I seen First Avenue so packed; I was mighty glad that it was not an August concert, because it can get so unbearably hot that the walls tend to sweat when the room is that full of bodies.  Of course the downside to such a big crowd was constantly having to shift around trying to get a good look at the band. My brother and I had a decent spot for the first two songs, after which we decided to look around the club. The band sounded great, offering a set of songs that contained only one dud (in my opinion), the sluggish "I'm In Touch With Your World."

The Cars onstage in Minneapolis, 5.17.2011
The setlist did not differ much (if at all) from those played so far in other cities, although after what we thought was the final song they asked if they could test out a song they practiced during soundcheck, "You're All I've Got Tonight".  They seemed genuinely happy to be playing to a sold-out house of enthusiastic fans. I for one left immensely satisfied.

Setlist (songs from the new LP marked with *):
  • Good Times Roll
  • Blue Tip*
  • Since You’re Gone
  • Up and Down (!!!)
  • My Best Friend’s Girl
  • Hits Me*
  • Touch and Go (Greg Hawkes played Ben Orr's bass on this one)
  • I’m in Touch With Your World
  • Keep on Knocking*
  • You Might Think
  • Drag on Forever*
  • Free*
  • I’m Not the One
  • Heartbeat City
  • Sad Song*
  • Let’s Go 
  • Encore: Moving in Stereo
  • Just What I Needed
  • You're All I've Got Tonight (impromptu last minute add!)

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