Monday, May 16, 2011

EMI confirms The Beach Boys' "Smile Sessions" street date

Who knows if it will actually honestly truly happen for real this time, but EMI has reportedly confirmed that The Beach Boys legendary SMiLE sessions will indeed be released in multiple formats on August 9, 2011.

Currently it appears that the vinyl version will only be available as part of a deluxe box set, which will include 4 CDs, a hardcover book by SMiLE expert Dominic Priore, plus 2 LPs and 2 vinyl singles. Sounds awesome and expensive, and I'll probably buy it.


John Medd said...

Indeed, hear Van Dyke Parks wax lyrical about its September release.

John Medd said...

In my comment above 'Van Dykes Park wax lyrical' is, in fact, a link to The Word magazine's latest podcast from last Friday.