Tuesday, May 17, 2011

On my turntable: The Cars - Move Like This

Move Like This (2011)
So if you've been reading over the past few ays you'll know I've been listening to The Cars quite a bit lately, especially their newest album (released one week ago today), Move Like This.  Production credit on the outer sleeve, given to "Jacknife Lee and The Cars", is slightly misleading as it gives the impression that this was a joint production. Inside the gatefold the specific production credits are listed; half of the tunes are produced by Lee, and in my opinion they are by far the standouts on the album. "Blue Tip", "Sad Song", "Free", and "Hits Me" are some of the best Cars songs ever committed to wax. Lee has nailed the classic Cars sound, even managing to kick the energy level up a notch.  Fantastic stuff.

The other half of the album, the tracks produced by The Cars, took more time for me to appreciate but after a week of listening I'm definitely on board.  Without question this is a true Cars LP, despite the obvious absence of founding member, bassist & singer Benjamin Orr (who passed away in 2000).  I had read somewhere recently that keyboardist Greg Hawkes used Ben's actual bass for the album's bass parts (the guitar was in drummer David Robinson's possession), which is pretty damn cool.

I was reading some listener reviews of the LP at Amazon.com and opinions are mixed about the LP's cover art. Personally I think it's one of their better covers, and on 12x12 the colors are vibrant and sharp.  The vinyl edition also comes with a free digital download card, so there's really no reason to even consider the CD.  If you don't own a turntable here's your excuse to start shopping for one!

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