Saturday, May 14, 2011

On my turntable: The Cars - Panorama

Panorama (1980)
The Cars escaped the 'sophomore slump' with their career-defining 2nd album, Candy-O (1979). With two big-sellers under their belts, perhaps The Cars believed that the time was ripe for a more daring, darker third LP. Despite the chart success of Panorama's first single, "Touch and Go", a lot of record buyers disagreed with the band's decision to veer from their proven hit formula. Compared with the first two LPs, Panorama (1980) was considered somewhat of a flop. Does that make it a bad album?  Hell no.

Personally, I quite love Panorama and think it contains some of the band's most bold, in-your-face songs. In my opinion, "Up and Down", "Down Boys", and "Gimme Some Slack" are some of the greatest tunes in the band's catalog. Thirty years after its release Panorama holds up better than its more successful follow-up, Shake It Up (1981).

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