Monday, May 23, 2011

Together we will fight...

...and together we will WIN.

Leo & I at yesterday's Harvey Milk march
This weekend was a mess of highs and lows for equality in Minnesota, a state that has a reputation for being relatively fair-minded.  For those that don't know, Minneapolis was recently named the gayest state in America for godsakes. With all this gayness everywhere, it might be surprising that after hours and hours of deliberation Saturday night the MN house voted to put an anti-gay marriage amendment on the 2012 election ballot. The civil rights of a minority are now at the mercy of the majority.

The good news is that Minnesota tends to lean towards equality. The bad news is that the GLBT community has suddenly been handed the task of winning over the hearts and minds of non-supporters over the next 18 months. We'll need to do it with kindness and love, understanding that not all people hate us -- many of them simply don't understand us because they don't know us. It's like tofu -- it's easy to be afraid of it until you've tasted its delicious soy goodness (perhaps not the best example - I think more people are afraid of tofu than they are of gays).

Our Mayor speaking at the Milk rally
Yesterday in Minneapolis was Harvey Milk Day, as officially declared by our rockstar ally Mayor, R.T. Rybak. As part of the day's events there was a march down Hennepin Avenue, followed by a rally in Loring Park. There was a good turnout despite the rain, and Leo and I marched proudly, shouting with a crowd of smiling gays and allies. As we marched practically every car that drove past gave us a honk and/or a thumbs up and a shout. It was a heartwarming way to follow the crushing defeat from the night before at the state Capitol.  As many of us shouted yesterday, "We have just begun to fight!!"

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