Saturday, May 14, 2011

What, no Nesmith? Get Over It. No really.

Hey Hey they ARE the Monkees:
Tork, Dolenz, & Jones in the UK, May 2011
I love this picture.

The Monkees are currently in the midst of the first UK concerts of their 45th Anniversary Tour, and they appear to be having a grand old time.  But I've got a bone to pick - not with the Monkees, but with a handful of their obsessive fans, the ones who can't seem to fathom the idea of The Monkees without a certain Michael Nesmith.

Seriously? Is there any real Monkees fan out there who needs to ask "Where's Mike"?? How can anyone possibly be surprised that Nesmith is absent from these proceedings?? In the past 25 years Mike has done one short tour of the UK with the band (in 1997) - and that's it. Otherwise it's been the other three carrying the torch and keeping The Monkees brand alive. And I say God bless 'em.

Yes, Michael Nesmith was a Monkee, and you could argue that he always will be (like Davy Jones says: "The Monkees is like the mafia - once you're in, you're in"), but let's be real. Dolenz, Jones, and Tork ARE The Monkees, and have been since 1986. Every once in a while Nez will show up at a concert and sing a couple of songs, and people go apeshit like he's Moses or something.

Don't get me wrong - in the 45 year history of The Monkees I fully understand how important Mike Nesmith has been, but frankly at this point it's time to enjoy what we've got, and stop whining about what we haven't got. The Monkees are terribly entertaining with or without Mike. As a trio they've got tight comedic timing and for the moment they appear to be getting along. Personally, I'm over the moon that these three have decided to come together again for a summer tour and possibly more. My advice to the Nesmith fans: quit yer bitchin', and let the rest of us enjoy the damn show.


Myrtle Beach Web Design said...

I couldn't agree more. Nesmith isn't interested, so why should we be interested in seeing him? Yeah, it would be nice to see all four...but D, M, & P are the ones that have expanded their talents, turned the music into masterpieces, and worked to maintain the Monkees. We should give them the highest credit and quit even thinking of the absent 4th who thinks he's too good.

Tony said...

C'mon Myrtle, don't be snippy about Mike; he doesn't trash-talk the group, and tours can be pretty exhausting. I'm 51 and I don't have that kind of stamina. Mike has been very accommodating with the fans for 45 years, but every person should be allowed to finally retire at some point & not have to talk about their former jobs. I just think it's great that they're all still around.

Myrtle Beach Web Design said...

You are right of course. I just get so tired of seeing people whining because he won't appear with them. And I feel like maybe it hurts their feelings some. I too am glad they are all still with us...and Mike's songs on the old albums are many of my very favorite ones.

I don't think less of him (well maybe a little) but I do wish everyone would just quit bringing it up.

Jeff said...

Thanks for your comments! I'm not so sure that Nez thinks he's too good for the Monkees. I actually bet he knows how badly he burned them in '97 when he abruptly backed out of the US tour. Plus I really don't think he likes Tork or Jones much at all. So why not just move on, right? This current tour is getting incredible reviews!!