Thursday, June 23, 2011

2011: A banner year for Beach Boys vinyl

2011 isn't even half over yet, and we've already seen three new vinyl releases from the Beach Boys, and pretty cool ones at that. The first was the double 78 rpm 10" of "Good Vibrations"/"Heroes & Villains" that was released as a Record Store Day exclusive.

Then, Al Jardine, to relatively little fanfare, released a limited white vinyl 7" of "Don't Fight the Sea", a song from his A Postcard from California (2010) CD that includes the voices of Brian & Carl Wilson, Mike Love, and Bruce Johnston (essentially making it a Beach Boys track). The singles' b-side does come from The Beach Boys - a previously unreleased vocals-only version of "Friends". A second pressing of the 45 on black vinyl is currently available at All proceeds are benefiting victims of the recent Japan earthquakes.

The third and most recent release was a marvelous surprise from MOJO magazine and Brother Records: A yellow vinyl 45 of two newly mixed & mastered tracks ("Cabin Essence"/"Wonderful") from the forthcoming Smile Sessions release, which came stuffed inside a special 60's edition of the magazine.

The Beach Boys' Smile Sessions collection will itself be released on vinyl, as part of a Deluxe edition that is likely to be pricey. Considering that it is mixed and mastered by Mark Linnet, who has had his hands on the SMiLE multi-track tapes since 1988, it will likely be worth the money for the fans that have waited 45 years to hear a proper release of this music.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Al Jardine tip, the black vinyl should sound better than the over priced (eBay)white vinyl copies.

Jeff said...

you are welvome! I had just discovered that soundstage got the 45 back in stock, so I felt obligated to blog about it. I am stoked to hear the a capella "Friends" mix!

Clyde said...

Hi Jeff! Can I ask what are the difference between black and white vinyls? Thanks!

Jeff said...

Clyde - If you're asking about the Al Jardine single, the only difference that i know of is the color of the vinyl. The initial pressings were on white colored vinyl, and the most recent press is standard black. I have the black and it sounds lovely!

Clyde said...

Hi Jeff! Thanks for the answer about the difference between the two vinyl colors. More power to your blog!