Wednesday, June 15, 2011

6.14.2011 - Go-Go's at MN Zoo Ampitheater

L-R: Charlotte, Belinda, Gina, Kathy
The Go-Go's rocked Apple Valley last nite. They took the stage quite late due to a relentless downpour that soaked the audience, most of whom were wearing plastic rain gear (guess who wasn't? I was DRENCHED).  It rained so hard that I was unable to write down the setlist, but I do remember that most of the songs came from the band's first LP (which makes sense, seeing as it's the 30th anniversary). They opened the show with "Vacation", followed by (not in order):
  • "How Much More"
  • "This Town" 
  • Belinda's "Mad About You" 
  • "Skidmarks on My Heart" 
  • "We Got the Beat"
  • "Mother's Little Helper" (yes, the Stones tune!)
  • "Head Over Heels"
  • "Our Lips Are Sealed"
  • "Get Up and Go" (the surprise highlight of the show. They NAILED it. GO!)
After I had begun shivering severely I decided to call it a night. I left as the band was playing "We Got the Beat", so it felt close to the end anyway. I thought about going back to the mens room to dry off some of my body with the hand dryers again, but I was just broken down at this point. I convinced myself that the band would be back and next time the show would be under drier conditions!

Belinda & Jane
Overall the night was a triumph. Each of the gals thanked the crowd for sticking it out in the rain, telling us how much they loved
and appreciated us. They all seemed genuine and sincere in expressing their gratitude for the fans and for the rare opportunity to still be banging out these songs after 30 years.  In all truth, they've rarely sounded tighter as a band, and Belinda's voice was fantastic. My hope is that they capture some of this current magic in the studio. I think it would be awesome if they released a 4-song vinyl/digital EP of new material (perhaps including a studio recording of their Go-Gofied "Mother's Little Helper").

A monstrous THANK YOU to Babe, Char, Kathy, Gina, and Jane for a hot, wet, rockin' nite!

See you next time...

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