Saturday, June 04, 2011

69 years of Capitol Records

Ever since I got my first phonograph as a toddler I have probably listened to more records on Capitol than any other label. The label, founded in 1942, is rumored to be in the midst of some very tough financial times at the moment, despite owning some of the most lucrative music catalogs in the history of recorded music (you may have heard of The Beatles and The Beach Boys, to name just two).

In honor of one of the coolest labels ever, I took some pics to show Capitol's evolution over the years. As I type this I'm already thinking of a few variations I missed, but these are some the more prominent of Capitol's looks in the past 69 years...

Early Capitol design, 1956
Probably the most recognizable of Capitol's LP labels,
used throughout the 1960's and resurrected in the 1980's
The cool "bullseye" StarLine series, late 60's/early 70's
A variation on the StarLine series
This black label was used primarily in the U.S. for the re-issue
of the McCartney/Wings catalog in the 70's
The green "Capitol Re-Issue" label, late 70s/early 80's
One of the less common variations, late 60's/early 70's
The majority of Capitol LPs in the 70's sported this label
Capitol used a purple label in the 1950's,
late 70s, and later in the 80s & 90s as well

The Knack's 2nd & 3rd LPs had special labels
that harked back to the vintage "rainbow" design


John Medd said...

I always thought it was a masterstroke opening Desolation Boulevard with Ballroom Blitz.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Desolation Boulevard was an epiphany for me, kind of like what "Satisfaction" by the Rolling Stones were to some guys in the summer of 1965.
Two capitol 45 b sides that are overlooked is ironically,

"Ballroom Blitz" the flip features a driving rocker called "Restless". Great song! Don't think it was ever released on album.


The Sylvers flip side of "Boogie Fever" a song titled "Freestyle". Love it, love it!