Tuesday, July 12, 2011

On my turntable: Crowded House - Intriguer

When I was walking around Dupont Circle hunting down record stores in DC last summer, "Saturday Sun" was one of the tunes that I had handy in my iPod.  "Saturday Sun", the opening track on 2010's Intriguer, is classic Crowded House.  The rest of the album is more current day Crowded House than it is "classic", which is fine by me, although I do understand that many listeners would prefer that the band stick to the upbeat tunes that defined them in the late 1980's. To each their own I reckon.

Intriguer, much like its predecessor Time on Earth (2005), is like a good soup - it gets better the longer you let it simmer. This is probably my fifth spin of this LP since my first listen on 8/5/10, and I appreciate it five times more today than the first time I heard it.  In many respects the Crowded House on Intriguer has evolved significantly since its inception some twenty five years ago. At the same time, many key elements of that original configuration remain unchanged; Crowded House continues to make highly sophisticated, beautiful, and sometimes rather moody pop.  Personally, that's more than enough to keep me coming back.

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Captain Sketchy said...

Absolutely agree, Neil Finn is a consumate songwriter and never better than when he collaborates, particularly with old friends. It is my personal opinion that if the House hadn't initially split after Together Alone their next album would have been world-conquering...