Monday, July 11, 2011

On my turntable: Michael Jackson - This Is It (eight song EP)

I found this tonight at the record store. I'm convinced it's not an "official release", since most of the tracks are demos or lo-fi outtakes.  I bought it for the title track, specifically the "Orchestra Version", which was thoughtfully done, in my opinion. The addition of Michael's brothers on backing harmonies totally completes the song. The rest of the EP is an interesting listen, but nothing earth shattering. The sound is only slightly sub-par,  the most glaring sound problem being the thin-ness of Michael's voice on "This Is It".  Considering that the full "official" vinyl release of This Is It costs around $60, I was plenty content shelling out $15 for this little knock-off.

This Is It EP tracklist:
A1. "This Is It"
A2. "Planet Earth (Poem)"
A3. "She's Out of My Life (demo)"
A4. "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' (demo)"

B1. "This Is It (Orchestra Version)"
B2. "Beat It (demo)"
B3. "Hot Street (bonus rare track)"
B4. "Sunset Driver (bonus rare track)"
Correction: I just checked, and it turns out that all of this EP's songs were released as digital tracks as part of the full This Is It CD, with the exception of "Hot Street" and "Sunset Driver", which appear to be unique to this release.


bro said...

How come sida A is ABCD and side B is just B?

ChuckO said...

Very interesting, cool find! Is Sunset Driver the same as on the Ultimate box or a rougher demo?

Jeff said...

Jay - because I f'ed up. Good eye.

Chuck - That's a good question! I'd not heard the song before, so I don't know. It sounds like a throwaway, but not necessarily a demo. Then again I am impressed with how complete the "startin' somethin'" demo sounds. It's an interesting peek into MJ's creative process.