Saturday, July 09, 2011

Vinyl wishlist revisted

About 4.5 years ago, on 2/22/2007, I wrote about the 14 records that I was having the most trouble finding for my collection. I revisit that post today because two of the albums are being reissued on vinyl in the next few months: Ben Folds Five's debut LP (released on 7/19/11 by Plain Recordings), and Spilt Milk by Jellyfish, which gets its first domestic vinyl release on 9/27/11 (Omnivore Records).

This means that, of the 14 albums on my '07 wishlist, five have since been reissued (BF5, Jellyfish, Lemonheads, Stone Roses, Queen).  That's pretty damn cool if you think about it.  Since posting my wishlist, three additional albums have found their way to my grubby little mitts: The Ramones' Mondo Bizarro and Prince's Diamonds & Pearls I've found in local shops, and Julian Lennon's Help Yourself was found on eBay.

So here's my revised 2007 wishlist:
Stone Roses (self-titled) (1989)
Posies -
Dear 23 (1990)
Jellyfish - Spilt Milk (1993)
Julian Lennon - Help Yourself (1991)
Lemonheads - It's a Shame About Ray (1992)

Redd Kross - Third Eye (1990)
Stray Cats -
Choo Choo Hot Fish (2x10")(1992)
Prince & NPG - Diamonds & Pearls (1991)
Ben Folds Five (self titled) (1995)

Ramones - Mondo Bizarro (1992), Adios Amigos (1995)
Duran Duran -
Wedding Album (1993), Thank You (1995)
Queen - Innuendo (1991)

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