Wednesday, August 17, 2011

DD's All You Need Is Now (finally) on VINYL?

Soon in record racks near you!
Two of this year’s most highly anticipated vinyl LPs (in my world) have been, thus far, missing in action: Blondie’s Panic of Girls, and Duran Duran’s All You Need Is Now. The latter has been sold via DD’s website as an exclusively limited edition LP with a bunch of extras for something like $5 billion. I had pretty much given up on having the album (one of Duran’s finest, in my opinion) on vinyl until last nite when I was browsing new releases at, where they have AYNIN listed with a release date of 9/13/11.

The record’s available now for pre-order at a nifty price of $16.55. Sure am glad I didn’t take out a second mortgage on our house to buy that deluxe version!

Now if we could just get some good news about Panic of Girls

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ChuckO said...

Am very disappointed Blondie is still MIA. I will pick up this Duran Duran if I see locally