Friday, August 26, 2011

Peace, Music, Spirituality and academics

The past seven days have been wicked uber challenging for yours truly. I don't want to rehash all of the details (because I am tired of the details, to be honest), but the short version of the story is that I was scheduled to take the last portion of my written prelim exam last Friday, but at the very last minute was informed that I would be taking a completely different exam from the one for which I'd studied all week.

I know I've written here about my anxiety issues, so you can imagine how this surprise exam scenario could have triggered some mighty unpleasant feelings (which it did). I was quick on my toes, though, and in retrospect I am terribly proud of how I handled myself through the whole debacle. I knew I was right about the department's policy on the exam I was supposed to be taking, but I went ahead and took the exam that I was given instead. I felt pretty good about it afterwards, but the whole experience still managed to render me physically and emotionally bankrupt.

The days that followed required a lot of self-care for me to maintain my sanity and not get physically sick. I ended up with a few consecutive days of diarrhea, which is never pleasant. Still, in thinking about it tonight I realized that my instinctive regimen of self-care consisted of 1) finding some personal peace and down-time, 2) plenty of time spent listening to & shopping for music, and 3) meditation & spiritual reflection. These are three biggies in terms of values in my life, which is why I have representations of each of them as tattoos (see pic).
Peace (1995), Music (2011), Spirituality (1994)
So even though the past week suuuuucked, I learned a thing or two about myself from the process, which is never a bad thing.  Tonight I feel pretty not bad at all.

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