Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Artsy Mcfartyson

So if you follow my Fancy Blog you've likely noticed a sharp decline in the number of posts at this site. That's because I got an iPad over the summer and started a tumblr site to easily post all the photos I was suddenly taking.

Some four months later and I'm still in love with tumblr as well as instagram. I've also begun using various apps with my ipad to manipulate images and create "art".

As a former Studio Art major, I love art that uses and/or manipulates existing images to create something new or different. As an undergrad I used to do this with xerox machines, and later with the editing of video and music.

This picture of The Monkees (above), taken from the back of their 1969 Instant Replay LP, is an example of what I've been working on lately. It's just a black & white photo that I colorized myself, but I like how it turned out. If I have any particular favorites in the future I may post them here, otherwise you can always see what I'm coming up with over at the tumblr site.



christopher575 said...

What's your tumblr user name?

Jeff said...

My tumblr name is jeffsfancyblog. I should have just added links to the post in the first place! Thx for asking!