Tuesday, January 17, 2012

1.17.2012: "Tumble"

Artwork for the new WORDS digital single, "Tumble"
So if you happened to read my blog entry from 11.26.11 ("In a former life...") you already know about my little journey connecting with the recorded music of my past, through the remastering of some of my band's old catalog. Soon after posting that entry I set up a bandcamp site so that people could hear some of the tracks, and even purchase them if they chose.

The holidays, not surprisingly, were a bit tough - it was our first Christmas since our mom's passing. One day I was just tinkering on the guitar (something I rarely do these days) and a tune emerged. I recorded some instrumentation with electronic drums, just for fun. A few days later I scribbled some lyrics and found a main melody for this song now called "Tumble", a new tune that I quite liked. I sent it to Matt to see what he thought, and asked if he would like to add some drums to the track. Within a few days Matt not only provided a solid drum track, but also some guitar work and lyrics that became the song's bridge (which he sings on the final recording).

So now Words have a brand new track up for sale at bandcamp.com. It all happened very fast!  One of the biggest pleasures of the process for me was collaborating with Matt again. We know each other musically, and we have a very comfortable energy whenever we write or record. "Tumble" is our first written collaboration since the 80's, and we're talking about possibilities for a new full-length project, but without any deadlines or pressures. I'm excited to see what emerges.

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