Thursday, March 29, 2012

2012 Best of Qtr I

Only three of this quarter's tunes (marked with an asterisk*) are unavailable on vinyl. The times have definitely changed in favor of records, which makes life a bit sweeter for sure!
20. "Tumble" - WORDS (digital single)*
19. "Confetti" - Cold Cave
18. "Only Our Hearts" - Paul McCartney
17. "Runaway" - Imperial Teen
16. "Sweet & Tender Romance" The Bangles
15. "Held Up High" - The Records (1979)
14. "Brooklyn is Burning" - Head Automatica
13. "Blink And You'll Miss a Revolution (Toro Y Moi Remix)" - Cut Copy
12. "These Days" - Nico (1967)
11. "The All Golden" - Van Dyke Parks
10. "Do It Again (new 50th anniv version)" - The Beach Boys*
9. "Wings" - Ringo Starr
8. "My Valentine" - Paul McCartney
7. "Police On My Back" - The Clash (1980)
6. "Arrow Through the Heart" - Andy Gibb (2010)*
5. "Broke It, Buy It" - The Honeydogs
4. "It" - Ziggy Marley w/Heavy D
3. "Evil" - Tom Jones
2. "Tattoo" - Van Halen
1. "Anthem" - Ringo Starr
A few items of note:
  • I expect that #10 - "Do It Again" will eventually be on vinyl if it is included on the new Beach Boys album that is being recorded. 
  • #20 -"Tumble" is the first appearance of a song by my own band WORDS in one of my quarterly top 20s. WORDS has a long history, and at this point I have taken on the role of historian as well as band member. The fact that the four of us are in the process of creating new music together is a thrill that is very likely influenced by the maturity and perspective we all have now. I'm probably more eager than anyone to see and hear what we come up with in 2012. 
  • I heard #6 (Andy Gibb's "Arrow Through the Heart") just last night for the first time. The previously unreleased track, which was included on The Bee Gees' 2010 box set Mythology, was recorded by Andy shortly before his death. Some of the song's lyrics, particularly the line "I'm too young to die", are eerily prophetic. So sad to think about the music that Andy still had in him when his life was cut so short.

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