Tuesday, May 29, 2012

On my turntable: Paul & Linda McCartney - RAM (ltd ed MONO mix)

One of the most sought after Beatle-related items was commercially released last week, 41 years after it was first made available to radio stations only. The RAM mono mix is true mono (as opposed to 'collapsed stereo', or the combining of 2 stereo channels into one). For this numbered limited edition the mono mix has been beautifully remastered. I know I am biased as a fan of mono sound, but honestly, this record sounds fantastic.

From what I've heard, the record is already becoming hard to find (I got my copy from an online shop called The Jazz Loft). Whether this is true or just hype I don't know, but I do know that none of my local shops have copies. If you are a fan of RAM I highly recommend finding a copy before they all go to eBay. It's a pretty special listening experience.

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