Monday, July 30, 2012

Pressing "reset"

The view from my room at St. John's University.
This past weekend I went away for a 48 hour writing retreat. While I did make some good progress on my paper, the trip was just as useful for the opportunity to recharge.

A couple of weeks ago my husband Leo told me about the Abbey Guesthouse at St. John's University in Collegeville, MN.  Seeing as my paper is due in a couple of weeks I booked a weekend getaway right away.

Main lobby of the Abbey Guesthouse
 After all the health bullshit of the past few weeks, the getaway was an enormous blessing. I spent most of the time in silence & solitude, going to bed early and waking up to the sound of a woodpecker outside of my window. Yesterday before heading home I took an hour for a good walk around the beautiful green St. John's campus, something I hadn't done since a 1991 visit with my good friend (and SJU alum) Jim.

Sunday's nature trek
 I expect that I'll return to St. John's next spring when I'm writing the bulk of my dissertation. It's a beautiful and nurturing place. Although I'm still dealing with some physical challenges due to my Crohn's, I'm very happy to report that my mind is in a much happier space as I return to the real world.

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