Monday, August 13, 2012

Chicago 2012 and beyond...

Packing for the trip
Autographed Hudsons CD
Leo and I spent the weekend in the ol' windy city. Saturday was his family's annual family reunion, and Friday just happened to be the first night of the annual Fest For Beatles Fans, which I was more than happy to attend!
With the legendary Mark Hudson

The definite highlight of Friday night was meeting Mark Hudson, from whom I bought a repro of a vintage 70's Hudson Brothers t-shirt and a very limited edition autographed CD of a 1978 Hudsons concert (pictured, above).

Saturday was the family reunion, which was a bit socially intense for an introvert such as myself; I was physically worn out by the end of the afternoon. Still, it was a lovely chance to see my in-laws, who I love like my own family, and the weather couldn't have been nicer.

The best part of Saturday was feeling legitimately welcomed and treated as a member of this loving, caring, and quite funny family. After all the tragedy in my birth family over the past few years, I have the great fortune of being gifted with a second family that loves me and has my back. That's a damn sweet deal.
Mi Familia
By the end of the day on Saturday I was increasingly feeling the effects of not enough downtime. My Crohn's was acting up and I was fading fast. Sunday morning was very nice, getting to chat leisurely over coffee with Leo's uncle. 
It was a beautiful way to cap off a nice vacation.

So now I'm home, and recovering physically from more activity than my body can handle at the moment. I feel considerably better now than I did yesterday at this time. Tomorrow I return to work, and seven days from now I submit a major paper to my committee in prep for my oral prelim exam. Life's gonna pick up some speed; I just need to remember that I do have some control over the reigns.

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