Saturday, August 25, 2012

Musical Heritage

My mood for the past couple of days has varied in shades along the blue spectrum. Yeah I've been feeling depressed. It's a sadness that can't really be pinned to anything specific. I've learned to deal with it as a symptom of Crohn's, or chronic illness in general I suppose. Regardless, it sucks.

So this morning to enhance my mood I started a pot of coffee. I wanted to put some music on the turntable, but nothing was speaking to me. Then I thought..."What if the world ended tomorrow and today was my last chance to play the records I value most?"

That's all I needed to get started on what became a pleasant & mellow afternoon spinning my favorite records: The Monkees, The Knack, The Zombies, Cheap Trick, Three O'Clock, Jacksons, De La Soul... Over the course of my life this music has helped shape who I am. As far as I'm concerned it's as much a part of my identity as my ethnicity. It's in my DNA at this point.

current mood: sky blue :)

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