Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Oral Prelim Exam

According to the guidelines for my academic program, students are technically supposed to take their oral prelim exam no later than two semesters after successfully completing the written prelim. Despite how long this whole process has seemed, I feel good in knowing that I'm taking my prelims on time (even though it's not a big deal to get an extension).

So my exam is scheduled for the morning of 9/5. It's two hours with my four committee members (who are all rock stars in my eyes). I'll know that day whether or not I passed. If I do pass I'll be an official PhD candidate.

For the next eight days I hope to get some helpful review and preparation done, despite the expected heat that's predicted for the remainder of this week. As I've written previously, extreme heat tends to make my Crohns flare up, so I'm planning to do whatever I can to prevent stress and stay cool. Today I didn't fare so well; my only food was two baked potatoes, some carrots & a few spoonfuls of peanut butter, and yet my gut has been cramping for much of the day and fatigue made it tough to do much of anything (besides nap).

I know I'll get through this. All I can do is try my best, depending on how I'm feeling at the moment. I've got some really good people at the university supporting me who want me to graduate and succeed.  I've got an incredibly supportive and loving husband who understands my challenges and gives me the occasional props for my persistence. I decided to reduce my assistantship for this year from 20 hours to 10, in order to have more time for research and writing (how I'll pay for my tuition is still a big question mark). However the next school year pans out, I expect that it will be an adventure.

Onward and upward (or at least forward!).

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Anonymous said...

My remedy before your big meeting?
Listen to Pink Floyd's "Let there be more light" and "Point me at the sky".
"And if you survive till two thousand and five
I hope you're exceedingly thin
For if you are stout you will have to breathe out
While the people around you breathe in."

Good luck