Thursday, September 20, 2012

2 more cents on the MN Marriage Amendment

A repost of a little something I posted on facebook late last night...

Had a chat w my brother & husband tonight about the upcoming MN marriage amendment. I'm painfully aware that many non LGBT Minnesotans have NO idea the rights that they can take for granted, rights that my husband and I are barred from by state law. This amendment would not change those laws, so frankly it makes no sense to me. Of course we ARE legally married in another state, and yet we have to lie on our tax forms and check the box marked "single". That's pretty much the opposite of equality.

I'm sure some people grow tired of me using fb for my soapbox on this issue. My mom (rest her soul) once told me I was flaunting my gayness by talking about injustice all the time. Although it hurt to hear her say that, I knew that she couldn't understand what it was like for Leo and myself. She never had to fight for the things the LGBTQ communities are up against every day. My mom was a loving and thoughtful person, and she loved Leo like a son. Had I never come out and shared my relationship with the family she may not have experienced this change of heart towards gay people.

This is why I need to be visible every day, wearing my "VOTE NO" and "FCKH8" attire. I need to talk with my colleagues and friends about what my husband and I did over the weekend. I need to let people see how boring and normal we are at home. I need to not censor myself in social media when talking about my life partner to whom I am legally wed. I can't worry about whether it gives other people the willies to read about two dudes shacking up. I can choose to have compassion for those that hate or don't understand, and hope that by seeing more committed couples like us they, like my mom, may eventually experience a change of heart.

Thank you to all of our friends who already get it. You help to remind us that hearts ARE changing, and as allies you are helping to make this change possible.


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