Monday, September 24, 2012


So I started blogging here seven years ago this week (9/29/05 was my first post).  I'm trying to think of the original impetus behind this blog space; I think it was mostly a place where I could write about the records I was buying in increasing numbers. Seven years later the compact disc is a dying format, and vinyl, along with my vinyl collection, is still growing.

Like the decline in CD sales, my blog posts here have also seen a sharp decline (as you can see in the blog archive in the sidebar on the right). The primary reason for this is probably Tumblr, to which I post daily, even if it's mostly instagram pics (of records - no surprise). Another reason for my lack of activity here is life itself.  As I approach the dissertation stage of my Ph.D. program, spare time seems more precious, and the last thing I want to do sometimes is write (as much as I enjoy writing).

So it's 5:00 a.m. in Minneapolis, and I'm reflecting on just how different life is today than it was seven years ago. The best part of this whole blogging journey has been the nifty friendships I've made over the years with fellow like-minded vinyl geeks from CA, OH, NY, WA, and across the globe.  Even if I never meet any of you in person, I'm grateful for the contact that we've had over the years, and continue to have today.

I don't intend on shutting this fancy space down any time soon. I expect that at some point it will feel like the right time to write that one final post and close out this blogspot chapter. Until then you'll continue to see ramblings or photos from me every so often. Thanks to YOU, the readers, who have taken time out of your lives to read my often mindless rants and even occasionally leave comments. I hope this finds you all happy and well!

Onward & forward & upward, etc.

your pal,

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