Sunday, September 30, 2012

2012 Best of Quarter III

This quarter's Top 20 (July-Aug-Sept) is a hearty one, in that it's too long for one CD.  It's also worth noting that a whopping SEVEN of these songs are not on vinyl (marked with an asterisk*). Shocking, I know. I remain hopeful that Shonen Knife's terrific new record will eventually get a vinyl release. Julian Lennon's new vinyl is not out yet, but it's coming.
20. "These Are Conditions" - Pajama Club
19. "Cashback" - The Cherry Thing
18. "Listen" - Donovan*
17. "Fanatic" - Heart
16. "Hell or Hallelujah" - KISS
15. "B-boys in the Cut (dj more in the store mix)" - Beastie Boys
14. "Long Progression" - Red Hot Chili Peppers
13. "Will You Marry Me (live)" - Jellyfish
12. "Summer Daze" - Susanna Hoffs*
11. "White Light"- George Michael*
10. "Sod in the Seed" - WHY?
9. "The Descent" - Bob Mould
8. "Pop Tune" - Shonen Knife*
7. "Guess It Was Me" - Julian Lennon
6. "(Here On This) Lonely Night" - The Knack
5. "Stay Away from Downtown" - Redd Kross
4. "Picture Me" - Susanna Hoffs*
3. "Sunshine" - Shonen Knife*
2. "Faith In the Heartland" - Journey*
1.  Suite: "From There to Back Again"/"Pacific Coast Highway"/"Summer's Gone" - The Beach Boys

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