Sunday, November 25, 2012


So a few months ago I took the plunge and started a music podcast, cleverly titled "Jeff's Fancy Podcast" (what else would I call it?). This coming Tuesday's (11/27/12) podcast will be my 25th, which feels like a milestone.  I've enjoyed this podcast thing quite a bit. Posting my Tuesday podcast has become another of my weekly rituals. Having rituals built into the week is important for me since they establish some normalcy and discipline into my weekly routine, which helps to keeps me on track during this PhD completion process.
If you've not yet tuned in to my podcast, I hope that you take the time to check it out. Listen while you're at work or doing mundane stuff around the house. You can also listen from your mobile device via (just search for "Jeff's Fancy Podcast")! The tentative podcast schedule for the coming weeks:
Tues 11/27 - #25: Special WHOcast (in honor of Tuesday night's Who concert in Mpls)
Tues 12/4   - #26: Countdown of the Top 10 fanciest songs of 2012 Quarter IV
Tues 12/11 - #27: Countdown of selections from the Top 10 fanciest LPs of 2012
Tues 12/18 - #28: Countdown of the Top 20 fanciest songs of 2012
Tues 12/25 - #29: Special countdown of Jeff's 10 Fave Christmas records
To those of you who have already been listening, THANK YOU for tuning in!  Rock on...


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