Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Top 20 Fanciest Songs of 2012

Here is my Top 20 for the year!  It's nice to be able to say that 3/4 of this list is available on VINYL. If you'd like to listen my top 20 in old-school countdown format, check out my Fancy Podcast (click HERE).
20. "Hell or Hallelujah" - Kiss
19. "The Descent" - Bob Mould
18. "Weightless" - Olivia Newton-John*
17. "Are You Sleeping?" - Harry Nilsson
16. "Titanic Requiem: Don't Cry Alone" - Robin Gibb*
15. "Sod in the Seed" - WHY?
14. "Fighting Weight" - The Honeydogs
13. "Faith in the Heartland" - Journey (w/Arnel Pineda)*
12. "What Goes On" - The Velvet Underground
11. "Rock 'N Roll Is the Answer" - Joey Ramone
10. "It" - Ziggy Marley w/Heavy D.
9. "Isn't It Time"(single mix) - The Beach Boys
8. "Researching the Blues" - Redd Kross
7. "Tattoo" - Van Halen
6. "Cut Me Some Slack" - Paul McCartney + Nirvana*
5. "Anthem" - Ringo Starr
4. "That's Why God Made the Radio" - The Beach Boys
3. "Sunshine" - Shonen Knife*
2. "Picture Me" - Susanna Hoffs*
1. Suite: "From There to Back Again"/"Pacific Coast Highway"/"Summer's Gone" - The Beach Boys
Notes:  *Songs marked with an asterisk (*) are currently unavailable on vinyl (to the best of my knowledge).
            **List was amended at the last minute to make room for the phenomenal "Cut Me Some Slack" by Sir Paul McCartney and the surviving members of Nirvana. 

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