Sunday, April 21, 2013

Record Store Day loot, pt. I

pictured: Cut Copy Bright Like Neon Love LP, Husker Du 7" + free blue Grant Hart 7",
Eli "Paperboy" Reed 7",  Cheech & Chong green 7", David Bowie white 7",
Wings "Maybe I'm Amazed" mono/stereo 12",  and
(although not a RSD release), the new
Adam Ant LP.
My 2013 RSD checklist
I do not consider Record Store Day to be over until I've obtained all the items on my checklist. Sometimes this can take months, which is fine with me. It's the journey, not the destination, right? Record Store Day is so much more than just rare vinyl goodies. It's about supporting the indie stores, without whom we would lose an enormous part of music culture and history. RSD is also about the thrill of the hunt. Whenever I get discouraged I try to remind myself that there's more than one way to track down a given item.

This year I started using "the buddy system", after sensing that many items were more available in some parts of the country than others. So between my network and one eBay score (in a moment of weakness) I now have 8 of the 11 items on my list.  I was also able to nab a 45 for a friend across the country who was unable to find the record in his shops. Is this gratifying? ABSOLUTELY. Yes, it's an excuse to buy records (like I need an excuse), but with all sincerity I believe it is my duty as a lover of vinyl to help keep our brick & mortar stores open. They are more than simply a place to buy records; they are the heart and soul of our local music communities. We need them as much as they need us.

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